December 18, 2003 :: Why....

Everyone else seems to be full of surprise and jubilation. I'm full of little replicated flu viruses.... and as such, in my feverish, dizzy, achy, deluded state, I'm going to write a grumpy, gripey post.

» Why is it that every time I get a ding on my car, its on a new panel? I ran into something on the freeway the other day... still not sure what exactly it was, some sort of sign... but now I have scratches all across the hood and front bumper. Add that to the dings in the front left and right quarter panels, the passenger door, scratches on the roof, the right rear quarter panel, and the peeling clearcoat on the trunk lid... there's only one clean panel left. Oh yeah, and the rear bumper which was replaced last year, thus clearing up the dings in it.

» Why is it that I have to be sick when I really need to get stuff done at work. I can't afford to sit around all day in the bed. What is the point of staying home if I still have work to do? bleh.

» Why is it that my friends can't just support what I choose to undertake? If I want to go on the crack diet, they should be right there, helping me to get rocks. At least my coworkers are down with the plan.

» Why am I always broke in December? Well... I just bought a heat pump. Last year, it was the unemployment situation. Year before that... that's too far back for me to remember. I need to find a job that pays end-of-year bonuses. Or else get two successive promotions at my current job.

» Why is it that I am never really happy with the women who choose me? And yet, the women I choose are always flawed in some ridiculous way. Never anything simple like a superfluous nipple, oh no... it's more like they have superfluous neuroses.

ok, that's enough griping for now. I should be happy with the things I do have. and I have to get back to work.