June 24, 2005 :: Why (some) women are single

HER: chu doin this weekend?
ME: a little of this, a little of that
ME: going to the african american heritage festival today
HER: oh me too
HER: maybe I'll cya there
HER: u got a date?
ME: you could call it that
ME: you goin with a date?
HER: lol
HER: nope I'm rollin solo
HER: nobody loves me
ME: awww stop
ME: did you even ask anyone to go
HER: nope
HER: they should be asking me!
HER: I'm tired of asking ppl
ME: ummmm
ME: ok
ME: did you at least mention it to anyone
ME: so that they would know you want to go
HER: no I shouldn't have to do that either
ME: so how the hell is anybody going to have a clue what to invite you to
HER: is that what it takes these days?
HER: shyt just invite me anywhere
ME: you went to the club didnt you
HER: meaning?
ME: didnt you get invited there?
HER: yes
HER: kinda
HER: not really
ME: ok i dont know what that means
HER: lol
ME: maybe these guys (whoever they are) dont even know you are open to being invited
ME: to go anywhere
ME: maybe you need to offer some hints
ME: men are not mind-readers you know
ME: these guys may not even know you are interested
HER: I hear u
HER: bottom line I'm rolling solo