February 17, 2005 :: St. Valentine's game

My Valentine's day was pretty uneventful, by design. Nobody in the picture is worth getting worked up over, so I just kept a low profile. The day before, I went to a "Celebration of Singlehood" (read: Lonelyhearts Club) dinner put together by a friend of mine, which ended up being me and seven women. Feeling generous (and noting the unusually cheap prices), I decided to pick up the tab for everyone. For the low, low price of $167, I bought some good karma, and my stock went up in a broad group. Surely one of these women has a friend to whom she can spread the good word.

In an unrelated story... a while ago, I was sorta dating this girl I met back in October. We went out maybe 5 or 6 times, but spread out over 3 months. I could always tell something was on her mind, but I thought it had to do with her living situation. Turned out, she had a boyfriend the whole time, and had this grand plan that she was going to dump him and become MY girlfriend, without anyone being the wiser... except that she never dumped him, and I never said anything to her about being my girlfriend. So when I coaxed the truth from her cousin and confronted her, she had a bunch of lame excuses. I dropped her like a bag of rocks.

Yesterday, this girl popped up on my IM and asked me if I had received anything from any secret admirers on V-day. I didn't receive anything at all, so I was puzzled and asked if she knew something I didn't. She went into this whole spiel about how she sent flowers to me, and was surprised I didn't receive them. As far as I know, she has never had any of my addresses, so there is no way she could have sent me anything. And as it turns out, she was apparently trying to be funny. Say what?!?

I bought a new coat on sale at Hecht's winter clearance. Better fabric (wool/cashmere blend), better fit, better price than the first ($167????). I bought a new phone... and how about, I'm in love with the fact that it already knows how to pronounce most of my friend's names? A few of the more... shall we say "black" names it has trouble with, but most are cool. so I can say "call gecko" and it will dial... fabulous. And as for the MRI? Bursitis is the official diagnosis (isn't that a disease old people get???), and my knee feels a lot better, even though it's not 100%. So things worked out ok, I guess.