April 10, 2006 :: The pill and the question

Recently, a female friend of mine asked my opinion on a particular topic that was on her mind. She and her boyfriend had sat down and discussed options for contraception, and decided between the two of them that they would use birth control pills and nothing else. That is to say, she would take the pills and they would then go "bareback".

She wanted to know if I thought it was fair for her to ask him to split half of the cost of the pills. It's not as if it is an economic hardship for her, but it was "the principle" of the thing. She thought that, in order for them to be equally yoked, as it were, he should bear half the cost of the protection method they agreed on together, since he was enjoying (at least) half of the sex.

To her irritation and my complete lack of surprise, all of the men she had surveyed said the same thing - trying to split the cost of birth control pills was silly, especially since she didn't need the money, and the process didn't involve him, unless he needed to remind her. She hadn't, however, surveyed any women yet, and I thought their responses might be more interesting, so I suggested she ask some. The question, at least for her, has now become moot, so I'm turning to my blog readers (men and women), to hear what you have to say on the topic.